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Homoeopathy is an upcoming system in the field of medicine. Founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany in the late 18th century, the system has now spread its wings and gained popularity the world over due to its ability to offer succour to the ailing masses without side effects and in a cost-effective manner. Homoeopathic education in India has deep roots with Colleges offering Homoeopathic education being screened strictly by the State and Central Governments.

The College has excellent laboratories and experienced faculty offering state of the art teaching methodology. Efficient clinical training is given to the students at JM Hospital & Martin Healthcare (Collegiate Hospital) in all the Clinical Departments.


We are a rapidly evolving institution, providing state-of-the-art learning and research facilities for our budding doctors in the field of Homoeopathic medicine. Our well equipped labs and modern standards enable our students to gain a comprehensive outlook on the nature of various diseases, and build the foundation for their academic and research framework. Our campus also provides an ideal avenue for an academic atmosphere, that also doubles as a temple of learning and scientific progress. Learn More >


Our students are our greatest asset. Our institution thrives on the foundation of academic brilliance shone forth through the contributions of our students. This is why our institution takes the utmost care in providing the best of means to our students to enable them to focus on developing, researching, preparing, and founding new ground-breaking advancements in the field of homoeopathic medicine. Apart from mere academic progress, the institution concerns itself with the holistic development of its students, not just to serve as successful doctors, but also to serve as good human beings with solid moral and intellectual foundations.


Our relationship with our students extends beyond the borders of campus life and academic tenures, because our students are our primary ambassadors, set out to excel with the value of the brand of our institution deep within their lives.

Here's what some of our former students have had to say:

Dr. Vignesh

Studying and being a part of the institution has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.

Dr. Sumathi

The institution has greatly contributed towards my personal and professional growth.

Dr. Vijay

I miss my years spent at Martin Homoeopathy Medical College. Wish I had 5 more years to study..

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital Seeks to be the healing Ministry of Homoeopathic Medical Science through excellence in education and service.

Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital improves the health of the people served by providing high quality care, a comprehensive range of services, Convenient and timely acess with exceptional service and compassion.

Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital is committed to be the most preferred and comprehensive hospital through clinical Excellence, Patients Centricity and ethical practices to meet the health care needs of the community through Homoeopathic Medical Science.

Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital is committed to provide free medical Assistance to poor and needy.

Our Mission
The pivotal Concern of the Martin Homoeopathy Medical college & Hospital is to develop through education and training, empathetic, professionally excellent, morally sound individuals who will go out as servant leaders of health teams and healing communities in the fileld of Homoeopathic Medical Sciences. Their Services may be in promotive, protective, therapeutic, rehabilitative aspects of health care in education or in research.

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